Ciel V1 Shine Box™

$49.95 USD $74.95 USD
Introducing the Shine Box, a stunning LED box with your favorite anime characters displayed in high definition!

Hailing from Okinawa, Japan 🇯🇵, the Shine Box is a perfect blend of high-quality wood and expert craftsmanship, a must-have for any otaku!

This isn't just a collectible. The Shine Box is the ultimate anime gift, perfect for all special moments! 

USB or battery-powered, its soothing glow creates a magical ambiance anywhere it's placed. 🌟

Crafted by artisans, so the stock is limited. Don't wait - these are selling out quickly! 🏃‍♀️💨

What are you waiting for? 
Grab your Shine Box today and step into a world of enchanting magic...

The dimensions of the Shine Box™ are:

  • Length: 7.7 inches or 19.5 cm
  • Width: 3.6 inches or 9.1 cm
  • Height: 2.5 inches or 6.4 cm

Your package will include:

  • The Shine Box
  • 1 meter USB cable
  • User manual
  • Remote Control

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